As our time in Mammoth nears its end, I'm left with a bittersweet feeling.  The season was pretty dry and I'm leaving still waiting for winter.  This has helped me get ready to leave only because the snow is pretty much gone already.  I'm also more excited than ever to be hiking, but I'm also sad to be leaving again already because this area of the Eastern Sierras feels so much like home.  As I sit at the top of chair 4 on June Mountain, staring out at Mt. Wood and Mono Lake, I'm constantly thinking about the hikes I've been on and the ones I still want to do.

The friends I've made here feel like my family and it was so good to see and work with them again.  The three-and-a-half months here for the winter season feels too short and I will miss every one of you.  I knew that we had limited time when we moved back out here, but it feels much shorter than I thought.  I can only dwell on the bitter for so long though.  What I really want to take with me when I depart California are the good people and memories we share, the experiences and opportunities given to me through friends and working for Shane Dean at June Mountain (I'm very thankful for every opportunity Shane!) and my love of the outdoors that was re-kindled here.

The bittersweet feelings will only last so long, because before we know it, Missy and I will be on the Appalachian Trail!!  I don't know if I've ever been so excited to do anything before.  I was pretty nervous about it a couple weeks ago, but now all I feel I can really do is just hike it.  I've done as much preparation as I can, and I leave it to the fates the rest of the way.  I can no longer let myself worry about every little thing.  I'm confident I've prepared for most situations we might find ourselves in and if I forgot anything I'll just have to deal with it as I can.  This reminds me of a John Muir quote that seems very fitting for this moment: "But to the few travelers who are in earnest- true lovers of the truth and beauty of wildness- we would say, Heed nothing you have heard; put no questions to "agent," or guide book, or dearest friend; cast away your watches and almanacs, and go at once to our garden-wilds- the more planless and ignorant the better.  Drift away confidingly into the broad gulf-streams of Nature, helmed only by Instinct.  No harsh storm, no bear, no snake, will harm you" (an excerpt from his essay 'Twenty Hill Hollow')

Love reading your deep thoughts! So excited you made missy your fiancé on such a journey!


Thanks Elizabeth. I'm pretty excited too about being able to call Missy my fiance!


omg!!! we so miss you guy's too. sorry it took so long for me to get on here. truly amazing. i will keep in touch for the whole june mountain crew. GOOD LUCK AND MUCH LOVE YOU TOO


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