Since the AT is one of the most populated of the long trails, resupplying our food and other consumable essentials won’t be that hard.  I’ve read that most people will resupply every 4-7 days depending on the state and section of trail they happen to be on.  The longest section without resupplying, that I know of right now, will probably be the 100-mile wilderness in Maine, right before the last section in Baxter State Park.

When we resupply, we will probably be planning on 1½-2 pounds of food per day.  Depending on the section of trail we’re on, we will probably be carrying anywhere from 6-14 pounds of food after we resupply.  This will make our packs significantly heavier on our way out of town.  Although, our packs won’t be the only thing heavier when we leave town.  We’ll have gained a few pounds of burgers and shakes and all the other food we can’t have on the trail.   A full pack and belly makes for a tough climb out of town, especially in those hot, wet Appalachian summers…

Another question that I received, from my good friend Pavs, pertains to resupplying as well, but is more dog specific.  Pavs asks, “So, do you have to pack in dog food?”  The plain and simple answer is yes, we will.  Hopefully the dogs will be carrying their own food on the trail, in their dog packs, or at least enough food for a few days to help take some of the load off of our shoulders.  They will also be carrying some of their own supplies such as dog towels and food and water bowls.

P.S.  Case, I dare you to send me as many Snickers as possible; I’ll take all the Snickers you can send! And, hey, thanks, you too.

P.P.S.  Mr. Gratch, have you hiked the AT?  If so, what was your experience like and is there any advice you think I should hear?

Thomas Gratch
3/1/2012 01:23:56

Will- I section hiked the southern 1/3 or so in my late twenties - early thirties. I have mixed feelings about the trail and some of the AT culture that exists. However, most of the NoBo and SoBo hikers I have met along the trail have been great to talk to, share stories, etc. BTW, what are you going to do with the dogs when you get to the National Parks?
Tom G

3/11/2012 06:33:04

If I know where you'll be, I will send you candy. It's a pretty long walk, so I feel like I should do what I can to help you finish it.


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