So I know you all have been anxiously awaiting my next post. I figured taking a two month hiatus was a great way to keep all of my readers on the edge of their seats, just waiting for another update. Turns out, it is actually the last thing on my list during a town stop, to update a blog. Usually, when entering a town, you have about a half day to get everything done (unless you take a zero day, which you try to do as little as possible). You take that half day, and attempt to run all of your errands in town, knowing that you won't be in town for at least a few days after this day.
First, you scout out a motel to drop your pack off at. Not always so easy when you have two dirty furry creatures next to you. But, it eventually happens, and you drop your packs in the room. Check. Next, you shower. Now in a normal non-trail life this would be a simple task, but a shower becomes more involved when you haven't done it in a week. You are scrubbing off all of the dirt and grime from an entire week, a week that involves a lot of sweat and accumulated grime from climbing mountains and living outdoors. You eventually get it done. Check. head to the laundromat and wash those horrible smelly clothes that have been sweat in for about a week. Check. Next, you re-supply for the next few days ahead, basically grocery shopping for the lightest & most nutritional (in that order) food you can find. Check. Next, you usually have to head to an outdoors store to see if you can get some fuel for a camp stove. Most outdoor stores sell it by the ounce. If you can find a store, usually you can find fuel. Check. Sometime during all this, your body will tell you it's time to eat some real food. You scout out the nearby restaurants and eat as much as possible, for as cheap as possible. Check. During all of this, you are looking around for libraries/Internet cafes/a computer to use of any kind, for all of your real-world business. Usually you can find a computer, and usually it comes with a time limit or cost, but a computer nonetheless. You get all of your computer business done. Check. After all of this is done, you sometimes have a little time to do what you have been wanting to do after hiking 100-150 miles in the past week - lay down and relax. This is usually how town days go...just to give you all a little glimpse. Sometimes updating a blog is the last item on your list, but it's made the cut this week. Look for another post in the very near future.
6/26/2012 06:08:25 pm

It was great meeting you this week south of Waynesboro! Have a wonderful walk. I'm looking forward to the interviews.
Happy days on the trail.
p.s. keep hanging your bearbag!

7/10/2012 09:09:27 am

Congratulations, Missy! I know you're sorry not to be continuing onward with Will, but I'm sure the time will pass quickly this summer and you guys will ease back into "real" life again. Still, what memories you'll have of your time together on the AT! I look forward to reading your future posts - don't keep us waiting so long!


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